Marshall JVM410HJS Joe Satriani Half Stack

    This is the Joe Satriani blue stack in good condition. Very versatile amp and no longer made, so nice collectable as well with papers and footswitch.

    At first glance, the Joe Satriani JVM head looks very similar to the stock JVM410H, but look and listen a little closer and you will realise just how different this amp is. The Reverb pots have been replaced by four independent studio-quality Noise Gates and a footswitchable Mid-Shift button that change the Medium frequence from 650Hz to 500Hz has been added for the players who liked the particular sound and can be assignated to the two Overdrive channels. Joe doesn’t use this Mid-Shift button but wanted to add more versatility to the already versatile amp, everyone has different tastes.

    The JVM410HJS is tonally very different from the JVM4 series.
    The Clean channel is based on the 30th anniversary (6100) when in green mode, with the orange and red modes being hotter variations of that, indeed Joe wanted the guitar player to naturally flew between the different modes of each channel.
    The green Crunch channel shares the preamp topology of the classic Marshall JTM45 (1959) “Plexi” models, the orange Crunch channel mode features the same design found in the Marshall JCM800 (2203) and the red Crunch channel mode is similar to the Marshall AFD100 in AFD mode.
    The Overdrive channels are voice matched for smoother transition between modes and sound more dynamic and open, thanks to a re-designed power supply. The channels and modes have been re-voiced to Joe’s exact specifications after experimenting with prototypes on the Wormhole and Chickenfoot tours, and during recording sessions.

    Individual channel 3-band EQ, two Master Volumes and a switch memory that can recall Noise Gates, FX loop and Master settings features in the JVM410HJS. There is also an Emulated Output that can be used for recording or, as Joe does, used to monitor on stage.
    The FX loop on the JVM410HJS head is a little bit different than on the older JVM410H, it is still a serial programmable loop that has a usual return volume type knob on the back of the amp, but what’s different is that this control knob can cut or boost the returning signal, and the boost mode offers up to +6dB gain against a ‘flat’ return of the older amp.
    The revolutionnary Stompware footswitching technology from Marshall gives unprecedented control, with straight and programmable switching. The six-button footswitch connects to the amp using a standard guitar lead so stage size is no restriction, and if it your lead fails it is easily replaced.

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