Gibson Les Paul Standard 1959 Collector’s Choice CC#29 “Tamio Okuda” Aged


    Here is a mint condition Collectors Choice 1959 Burst with a beautiful fine flamed top and a unique shade of a honey type finish. Tamio Okuda is a legend in Japanese rock; from his work with UNICORN, to his extensive solo career, to his production work, Mr. Okuda has influenced countless players in Japan and beyond. This amazingly accurate reproduction of his original 'Burst is limited to just 300 units worldwide. The traditional Les Paul appointments are all here, including a gorgeously figured Maple top, an "Okuda 'Burst" top, Aniline dyed Mahogany back, and a Mahogany neck topped with a Rosewood fingerboard. The hand-aging simulates the damage and wear Mr. Okuda has inflicted on this guitar, giving the instrument an amazing played-in patina and feel. The dual '57 Classic pickups guarantee classic tones to complement the amazing looks of this Collector's Choice model. This pre-owned Collectors Choice is in excellent condition with little to no signs of previous play time to be seen on it, just a few pick marks if you look hard enough.

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