1994 Ibanez JEM 7 VWH Ebony Board Mad Hatter Mod


    This is an early JEM 7 VWH with ebony fretboard. The VWH is the JEM Steve Vai uses the most. Very nice jem with a lot of bling bling like gold hardware, abalone and mother of pearl fretboard vine inlay and this is one of the early models from 1994. Plays very fast and comfortable. The tone in these is amazing. The Dimarzio Evolution pick-ups are high output monsters and produce a fat high gain tone, but also that famous sparkly funky clean when the singlecoils are used. The tremolo is a monster, almost impossible to get this guitar out of tune, even after many hours of rockin´. This one is in good condition, but has a few dings here and there and it has some mods done, the biggest being the mad hatter mod, just like Vai's own EVO. It also has 3 red silent springs in the back. The pickguard has a small hole in it, it probably once had a mini switch there. The guitar comes with a snakeskin tolex hardcase.

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