Ibanez JEM 10th Anniversary Steve Vai Luxury JEM Limited Edition


    Here is one of the most fancy JEM's to celebrate it's 10th year, this 1997 piece or art is decorated with aluminium, pearl, abalone, ebony fretboard, carving on the headplate and pickguard etc etc. Even if you don't play guitar this is nice to have on the wall ;-). This is very late serial#852, maybe the last one made? The natural feel of the neck and the quality and tone of the woods. The original Evo pick-ups sound amazing, from high-gain tot funky clean, it is all possible. The tremolo is a monster, almost impossible to get this guitar out of tune. This one is in excellent condition but has some scratches especially on the back. The chrome on the pick-ups is in good shape, about 99% there. The original case and manual are included.

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