1989 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop P90 Showcase Edition 1956 Vibe


    Here is a rare one. An 1989 Gibson Goldtop Showcase Edition with P90s, goldtop finish, 1956 Historic inspired, solid mahogany body and and amazing tone. The neck is a pretty comfortable medium shape, not as fat as the later 1956 runs. The weight is 4283 gramms. It has some bucklewear and dings, but overall pretty nice shape for a nearly 35 year old guitar. Comes in an original brown/pink Gibson case.

    Only 40-made. The Showcase Edition by Gibson was there early run of Pre-Historic Custom Shop examples... a precursor to the opening of the Gibson Custom Shop in 1996. The Showcase Edition consisted of 9-different models with 20 of each produced... with a double run of the '56 Goldtops making a total of only 40 in existence! These guitars were hand-made in 1988 to early 1989. The key to these historic reissues were their attention to details... right down to the original goldtop color formula. 

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