1976 Yamaha SG2000 Winered 1st Year of Production Santana Sound


    This is first year SG2000 from the year 1976. The classic Yamaha SG-2000 was developed in association with Carlos Santana, and was one of the first electric guitar models that designed specially for distribution in the U.S. First introduced in the 1970s they are still being made and sold today. When Santana and Yamaha developed this guitar, their main goal was to maximize sustain, actualized by employing a heavy mahogany body and by converting the hardware to brass. Santana churned out his all-time best songs with the Yamaha SG, including Moonflower, She's Not There, Open Invitation, All I Ever Wanted (all studio version), and Dance Sister Dance (Baila Mi Hermana). The Yamaha SG was pivotal in his development of the smooth, round, endlessly sustaining tone which has become his trademark. Checked and expertly set-up by our accomplished luthiers. The bridge pickup was changed for a white Dimarzio, the knobs are changed for black speedknobs and a coiltap switch was placed.


    • Colour: Winered
    • Scale: 628mm (24.72")
    • Body: Arched Maple Top, Mahogany Body ("T-Cross Maple"Body Construction)
    • Neck: Maple+Mahogany (Through Neck)
    • Fretboard: Ebony, 22 Frets
    • Radius: 350R
    • Bridge: SGB-IIIG

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