Fender Stratocaster Jeff Beck Artist Series White Complete

    Here is an excellent condition 2017 Jeff Beck Stratocaster. High-end Fender from the Artist Series. The Fender Jeff Beck Stratocaster Olympic White electric guitar is a Signature Strat designed for the British guitar virtuoso, whose innovative cross-genre playing has invigorated the music world since the 1960s. Accordingly, the alder body with contoured neck heel and the maple neck in a comfortable "C" profile support unhindered playability up to the highest positions, while the three Fender Hot Noiseless Single-Coils eliminate unwanted noise even in overdrive sounds and present every note with accentuated attack. Last but not least, the hardware tuned for virtuoso tremolo applications completes the Fender Jeff Beck Stratocaster Olympic White. The sleek Fender 2-Point Tremolo is used therefore, while an LSR roller nut and locking tuners keep the guitar in tune.

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