Marshall AFD100 Slash Signature Appetite For Destruction 100W Tube Guitar Head NEW Unplayed 1 Owner


Here is a unique find. A still new in the original box AFD100 Slash amp. Comes from the 1st owner who never touched it, just stored in the original box. The amp is all complete with cover, footswitch, t-shirt, manual and certificate. This one needs no introduction, the famous Slash AFD 100 Watts Appetite Amp. Pure Slash sound. Plug in your Les Paul and ready to rock!

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Marshall is proud to present the AFD100 Slash Signature Appetite For Destruction tube amplifier head. The AFD100 is a signature amp that not only captures the tone and spirit of Slash himself, but because of the longstanding relationship between Slash and Marshall, it captures the true essence of Marshall engineering. 23 years ago Slash played guitar on the Guns 'n' Roses classic debut Appetite For Destruction, an album which was to become legendary in the world of rock music. The album went on to sell over 18 million copies, and continued to collect awards well over a decade after its release. Now, over 23 years after the release of Appetite For Destruction, Slash and Marshall have worked together to bring you the sound from the album in a new Marshall classic amp.

Appetite for Perfection
Like all legends, the stories that surround Slash and his equipment are numerous and varied. Over the years, rumors have persisted about what equipment Slash did or didn't use. Aiming to produce the perfect AFD tone, Marshall and Slash put speculation aside and looked at the facts. Using Slash's own ears and the original recordings of his guitar tracks, Marshall painstakingly began to create the AFD tone.

Unlike the highly secretive projects of the past, the AFD100 was developed naked, exposing the development and thought processes behind the scenes using the website to keep everyone informed as to what was happening with the amplifier. The thoughts of not only Slash but the engineers involved and guitarists from around the world were able to contribute to the AFD100 web page.

The development of the AFD100 was not simply an exercise to create the sound used by Slash. The AFD100's creation was a journey to find the sound, feeling, performance and passion that Slash himself would would require from his amplifier.

A Next Generation Classic
Because of Slash's longstanding relationship with Marshall, they knew the roots of the tone needed for this exciting new amplifier would have its foundations firmly in the Marshall heritage. As with all their new amplifiers, Marshall wanted to push the boundaries ever further. The AFD100 is a combination of tried-and-true technologies and the incorporation of exciting new functions that guitarists crave. Rock-solid tone features such as Auto Biasing and built-in power attenuation allow the amplifier to be used in a variety of situations with the minimum of servicing and no additional outboard equipment. Using modern production techniques to ensure the quality is achieved, the AFD100 is a limited edition collectible classic.

The Two Faces of the AFD100
The AFD100 takes the fundamental promises of a Marshall amplifier and delivers them in a style that could have only been interpreted by Slash. The amp's silver front panel with snakeskin detailing and Slash Skully logo tip their hat to the ubiquitous 2555 Silver Jubilee upon which the first Signature Slash Marshall was based. The cabinetry is a mixture of both traditional and modern aesthetics, encompassing the 1959 Marshall look with white beaded detailing while also using the rugged corners of later Marshalls for durability. Not only does the AFD100 has more than one cosmetic face, it's also got a split personality when it comes to its tone and feel. Switching between AFD and #34 modes makes it possible to change the overall personality of the amp's sound. The AFD100 provides access to 2 significant tone setups—both of which are undeniably Slash-driven.

Appetite For Detail
The AFD100 offers built-in power attenuation, allowing the output power to be modified without affecting the tone. Unlike external passive attenuators, this feature electronically modifies power amplifier parameters, working together with an auto-biasing circuitry. Providing attenuation in this way enables you to go from the full 100W down to 0.1W just by turning a knob, guaranteeing full-on Marshall tone at any volume. On top of this, the Auto Biasing feature means that you can ensure your amp is tuned up whenever you play. If there's ever a fault with a tube, instead of having to test which one needs replacing, the indictor light will illuminate showing you which tube to change.


Mid-'70s vintage finish
Silver signature Slash panel
100W, adjustable down to 0.1W
5 ECC83 preamp tubes
4 - 6550 power tubes
2 channels
Effects loop, switchable via front panel
Marshall-designed attenuation down to 0.1W
Automatic Self-Bias with tube-fault indicator