1991 Soldano SLO 100 Watt Head Super Lead Overdrive with 2 bodies!


Here is a legendary amp, these sound amazing. This an original one from the first owner from 1991 with 1 change, a send/return was added. A pretty cool fact is the owner recieved it with 2 bodies, 1 black and 1 tweed. So the buyer can choose which one to use, both come in this sale.

Soldanos Super Lead Overdrive 100 set the standard for modern high-gain amplification. Back in 1987, Seattle-native Mike Soldano built one of the first high-gain amp heads, with searing harmonics and the perfect balance of gain, sustain and tight touch response, the SLO completely changed what players came to expect from amps. Favoured by artists as varied as Mick Mars, Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler, the SLO-100 was the blueprint for Eddie Van Halens famous 5150 amp

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