Ibanez JEM Y2K DNA Steve Vai Holy Grail of JEM's Millenium Collectable Serial# 65 of 300


This is the holy grail of JEMs! They come up very rarely but i am selling 3 now, please also check my other listings. It has the original case and certificate. The DNA with Steve Vai's own blood in the red paint. Freaky and unique guitar. 300 are made but every one is different because of the unique swirl pattern so you actually have a one off guitar. This one is nr 65 of 300. They were swirled by Darren Johansen of About Time Designs and assisted by DNA concept creator Jim Donahue. At great expense Ibanez flew Darren and all his equipment to Japan for the project that has produced some of the most beautiful guitars ever painted. To get the DNA Steve Vai himself donated a couple pints of blood to be swirled and Darren mixed it liberally. (The blood actually had to be smuggled into Japan because of importation laws) Locked away in a special enclosed “private” section of the factory Darren was assisted by friend and DNA concept creator Jim Donahue. For 10 days they practiced their magic with incredible results.The most notable aspect is the color, as Vai added his DNA (blood) to the mixture of the paint. The painter of the guitar, Darren Michaels/Darren Johansen of ATD (About Time Designs), stated on Jemsite.com, "For the record if you own a DNA you have a good amount of the "DNA". The "blood red" paint that I mixed was mixed at a ratio of approximately 8:1 [paint:blood] so the content is quite high. There had to be pigment mixed into the paint to hold it onto the guitar as well as a carrier”. The guitars were made in the year 2000, represented in the model series, JEM2KDNA (2000).

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Body material: American Basswood,
Neck Type:
Super Wizard Frets 21-24 Scalloped,
Neck material: 3-Piece Maple/ Bubinga,
Fingerboard: Rosewood,
Inlays: Luminous Blue Vine with Green Dots,
Frets: 24 / 6105,
Neck joint: AANJ,
Bridge: Lo Pro Edge tremolo,
Hardware color: Powder Cosmo,
Pickguard: Illuminant Clear ( BLACK LIGHT ACTIVATED)
, PU Config: HSH,Neck PU: DiMarzio Breed, Mid PU: DiMarzio Breed, Bridge PU: DiMarzio Breed,
Controls: 1 Volume / 1 Tone / 5-Way lever and a Lo Pro Edge tremolo.