Gibson Les Paul Standard 1958 Historic 1998 Good Wood Years Crazy Quilt Top

Look at this one, this is one of the wild tops from the 90's historic reissues. They are famous and very wanted by now and often referred to as the ''Good Wood Years''. This is a R8 F where F stands for figured and boy does that maple have a crazy wild quilt on it. Looks great from every angle and in every light, no plain spots here and very 3D. The weight is 4kg and the neck is a firm 50s profile but not too fat as more modern 1958 reissues have. The guitar has Lindy Fralin humbuckers with 8.5 and 7.5 outputs. Great vintage PAF sound. It has the bumblebees, long neck tenon, original tuners included, now Grovers are installed.
The guitar has some finish wear here and there but overall a great and beautiful find. Comes with all tags, checklist and original case. Serialnr 1998 and paper was signed on january 1999. Please note that the Custom Shop did not give Certificates on all models in this year. So it's all complete.