Kauffmann S Model Mayer Black1 Inspired Heavy Relic Scooped Pick-ups NEW


Handbuilt, selected woods for weight and resonance, high-end hardware by CTS, CRL and Switchcraft, handwound pick-ups and true vintage mojo for an amazing price, so great value for money. All handbuilt by mr Albert, the longtime pro musician and music shop owner who selects his own woods, carves the bodies and necks and selects the finest parts.

This Strat has an Alder body, Kauffmann handwound singlecoil Scooped pick-up set, maple neck with pau ferro board, CTS pots, aged black finish. When strummed acoustic all his guitars are loud and resonant and plugged in its a familiar warm fat strat tone with lot's of gain on the bridge position. A gigbag is included.