Gibson Les Paul Standard 1959 CC #2 Goldie Aged Collectors Choice Amazing Tone

Here is one of the best and most beautiful 1959 reissues i had. It even has a 'greenish'' tint in the finish on the edges of the top. Looks great it's not just the looks, this is also a superb sounding and playing Goldie. Open sound, vintage mojo. Collectors Choice™ #2 1959 Les Paul "Goldie" Launched in the spring of 2010, Gibson Custom's Collector's Choice™ '59 Les Paul series focuses on meticulous recreations of rare and specific existing examples from the extremely short run of Les Paul Standards produced in 1959. The second model produced in this series, serial number 9-0629 (aka "Goldie") is an instrument that presents several of the most desirable aspects of these highly sought-after electric guitars. Crafted with close analysis of the original by Gibson Custom, including digital scanning and measurement from every conceivable perspective, "Goldie" totally embodies the spirit of the Collector's Choice™ series by recreating this original individual '59 Les Paul in as near-to-perfect detail as is humanly possible. As such, the instrument presents a rare opportunity for players and collectors alike: a precise reincarnation of the look, tone, and feel of one of the world's most elusive electric guitars. "Goldie" will be reproduced in strictly limited numbers, with all guitars sent to world-renowned guitar-aging artist Tom Murphy for hand aging.